March 2015

Water DropsThe California and Nevada drought has caused many business owners and residents to practice water-use reduction.

Athletic club fitness leaders are doing the same. EcoLab’s Aquanomic Laundry Program is reducing water usage in the wash cycle by 40 percent. Watch this two minute video to learn more:

9 Steps to Cleaner, Whiter, Softer Towels

We all know there is more to the wash cycle than water reduction, which is why we’re bringing you ‘Nine Steps to Cleaner, Whiter, Softer Towels’ courtesy of our contributing authors Mike Mcilhargey and Adam Elkin.

Step 1: Par levels

Facilities should have a 1.5 par supply of towels to allow 24 hours rest time between use and washes.

  • Down time extends linen life and allows for proper wash/contact time in the washing machines
Step 2: Extra Soils

Encourage members to not use provided towels to clean shoes, training equipment, or spills.

  • Additional soils can cause permanent staining and result in increased reject rates however there are programs to prevent these issues
Step 3: Water Quality

Water hardness should be softened above 5 grains; iron levels above .3PPM should be neutralized in the laundry wheel.

  • Industry trained vendor partners can provide an onsite evaluation and make recommendations
Step 4: Time

An 8 minute wash bath is recommended to allow detergents to emulsify soils and bleach out stains during the contact time.

Woman Getting a Massage

Step 5: Temp

90 degree with low temp soaps or 130 degree with traditional soaps is recommended to:

  • Active chemistry and emulsify body and spa oils, tanning lotions, and sun screens
Step 6: Mechanical Action

Proper load levels in the laundry machine is necessary to drive soils out of the towels

  • Over loading reduces soap and temp efficiencies in the laundering process

Under loading can cause machine damage and increases utility costs

Step 7: Chemical Action

Balanced chemistry is a key factor in protecting your towel investment and maximizing clean, white and soft results.

Step 8: Procedures

Proper handling in the “linen flow” process from dryer to member and back to the laundry machine is part of a successful towel service and should be evaluated by industry trained vendor partners.

Step 9: Dry Times

Over drying of towels can dramatically reduce linen life and overall softness:

  • 160-180 degree for 20-25 min
  • 5 min cool down

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