Little Rock Racquet Club and The Miracle League (amazing non-profit)

Intro by Shannel:  

I have been working with Amy Williams, assistant manager at Little Rock Racquet Club in Arkansas, for the past couple of years.  Through numerous phone calls & powerful emails, we have developed a wonderful relationship. I am blessed by every conversation we have because it brings greatness to my day with her loving attitude and kind spirit.  Amy shared with me how The Athletic Clubs have been making a difference through their program 25 days for $25. Each year a local non-profit organization is chosen; this year’s recipient is Miracle League.

Miracle League is a special organization that gives children with disabilities the opportunity to be a part of a baseball team.  It is amazing to be surrounded by so many great people that want to make a difference in the community & the world.

Picture shown: Amy & I at IHRSA 2019.



Miracle League removes the barriers that keep children with mental and physical disabilities off the baseball field and lets them experience the joy of America’s favorite pastime. Able-bodied “buddies” – including teenagers – spend Saturday mornings and weekday evenings helping the athletes. Fun for the whole family, the experience comes complete with opening day, team uniforms, announcers, concessions, team photos and trophies. As one fan put it, “It’s baseball! What’s not to love?”

Below is the email sent to the members at The Athletic Clubs. While their Clubs are in Arkansas, we welcome anyone to sign up! Your donation will go to an amazing cause for an amazing group of children.

25 Days for $25 – Proceeds Benefit The Miracle League

Here’s how the program works…


In order to raise money for Miracle League, we’re selling 25 consecutive day memberships to any of our clubs for $25. Yes, we know, you don’t need this because you’re already a member (thank you for that) but we’d like for you to share this information with friends, family and neighbors that might be interested in hanging out with you here. Specifically, please:

  • Forward this email to as many people as possible;
  • Share our posts in your social media communities; and
  • Mention it to work, school and recreational colleagues.

You see, when the Arkansas River overflowed its banks last spring, the Miracle League field was completely flooded. Volunteers have been working on the Herculean task of cleaning the special tiles that enable play. It’s been a beast of a project and unexpected expenses are taxing what is already a very tight budget. Bottom line, Miracle League is a gem of an organization, it’s great for our community and they can use our assistance. Check out the action below and, please, commit to helping any way you can. (I’m sure there are some folks that would give you a great big hug if you bought them a 25-day membership just because!)

We’ve set up a web page that explains Miracle League’s mission and more information about 25 for $25. You’ll also find links to purchase and/or contact us. All after tax proceeds go to Miracle League and the campaign ends Friday, October 11, so please move on this quickly.


Miracle League sends their thanks!

Amy Williams
Little Rock Racquet Club


Go here to learn more!

Fifth Avenue Fitness Is Making A Difference

I have the best job in the world!  I get to meet amazing people, like Darren from Fifth Avenue Fitness, that wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  “I knew it was creating true change and that it had an end in sight” Darren Kanwischer.  I met Darren about a year ago on one of my many trips to Calgary, AB.  There was something that stood out to me when I walked into their beautiful downtown facility.  Posted at the entrance of their club was a message that $3 of each membership was being donated to a village in Belo, Ethiopia.  It left me wanting to know more about his choice to make a difference, so I asked.  He responded with “The fact that Food for the Hungry has the approach of creating self-sustainability is what I love about it and why I chose to commit our involvement”.  It takes one person to open their heart & mind to make a difference in many peoples lives.  I think you will find Darren’s story touching & inspiring to get involved in something to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

-Shannel Brooks

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