Happy New year! 2017… It’s all about “We” :)

Let 2017 begin. Everyone starts the new year with lofty goals and inspirations which seem to be based upon self-improvement. We at the Soapbox will try to change this mindset of being about “me” and moving forward into 2017 we want to change the perspective to “We”.

Let’s start with providing our Soapbox readership with a gift if you want to attend the tradeshow at IHRSA. Working with the folks at IHRSA, we are providing free tradeshow passes to anyone who wishes to attend (link Below).  Anyone, from the owners to staff can attend the IHRSA tradeshow free of charge. There is no limit to the number of passes that can be obtained by a facility, anyone that wants to go, can use the link provided and take advantage of this special offer. This is another way we “give back” to our readership.

Meredith Poppler from IHRSA writes about the lofty but achievable goals of The IHRSA Foundation and the desire to demonstrate the impact health clubs have on helping people effectively improve and manage their health, and then promote those benefits to increase the physically active population and improve wellness across the globe. We encourage you to donate to the IHRSA Foundation and help promote evidence-based programs that encourage healthy lifestyles.

I’ve known Neal Simpson, the Director of The FitLife Club Network for a number of years. Fitlife is an association of independent fitness facilities located in the Pacific Northwest. In this Soapbox edition he talks about the Fitlife regional summer conference and the guest speakers that will be presenting. If you have never experienced attending a regional IHRSA event located in picturesque Bend Oregon, contact Neal for more details.

Bill McBride comes through with another powerful article on Active Wellness, which is the leading health service management company and its passion in building active communities through both fitness and wellness. You will find the article full of ideas and practices that should inspire you to think outside the box and I encourage you to contact Bill to learn more.

Finally, in the spirit of giving back, we are continuing our “Free Consultation Offer – Our Gift to You!” offer through January. Bill McBride, President & Chief Executive Officer, Active Wellness, Active Sports Clubs & BMC3, Bryan O’Rourke, Business, Technology & Wellness Leader. Speaker, Consultant & CEO, Brent Darden, Principal at Brent Darden Consulting, Chairman of the Board for IHRSA, and Chairman of REX Executive Roundtables and Sal Pellegrino, Precor, Inc. have offered to “give back” to the Soapbox readership by offering free consulting services. Theres no catch, no fee, no charge for an initial consulting session. If you want to be on the cutting edge of programs to make your facility more profitable, increase membership and provide a better membership experience, you need to email them and take advantage of this special offer. They will meet or exceed your expectations.

As you might have noticed, we are making changes in the Soapbox’s format and we encourage you to drop us an email and let us know how you are doing. We are here to serve you so we look forward to your suggestions and comments.

It’s a pleasure and privilege to serve you and look forward to seeing you at IHRSA.


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