Exceeding Expectations – An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Based upon experience, you are in a business where you have to live by the motto of “watch the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves”. The competition in the athletic club marketplace is brutal and you need to save money wherever you can. Petra-1 can provide the savings.

If we can provide savings of 20-25% versus your current consumable products and provide free dispensers, would this be of interest?

Bill McBride and Brent Darden have used our patented Wizard Soap System in their facilities. When Bill required a savings in his liquid soap budget of 20-30%, realized his customers would demand a premium performing liquid soap and the facility staff wanted customer service that meets or exceeds their expectation, there was only one choice, Petra-1. As we have done with close to two thousand facilities, we have met the same requirements as were required by Brent and Bill.

Both Vince and I feel so confident about what we can provide that I’ll make you this offer, if we can’t produce the results mentioned above, we will donate to your favorite charity $250.00. Let’s do a trial of our Wizard Liquid Soap System products and let your members decide. If we don’t meet or exceed your expectations as to shower area consumables, we will gladly make a donation to your favorite charity in your name.

When it comes to liquid consumable products, towels/textiles and equipment wipes, Petra-1 is your one-stop-shop.

If you are attending IHRSA, please drop by our booth (#617) … where we will have a few goodies to share and let’s chat how we can provide a better membership experience and save you money.

Please see our latest Petra e-brochure. Please review and let’s discuss when we see you at IHRSA

It’s a pleasure and privilege to serve you.

John Mickelson

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