The Creative Destruction of the Fitness Industry

FitLife will present some new research on fitness trends discussing the various business models, focusing on studios and boutique clubs.

A focus will be on studios and boutique clubs and why they work with the new wave of consumers. We will introduce the subject with some facts on what’s happening now in fitness.  Included are details on the new wave of fitness users (Millennials) including how they are spending their money in our industry. (10 minutes)  The good news they spend much more money of fitness than the baby boomers!  The challenge is delivering how they pursue fitness in a traditional club environment.

Members of the round table were chosen as they represent different types of clubs in our industry and inside the Fitlife Club Network.  Each Round Table Member will discuss what they are doing to offer a unique functional, boutique studio type experience within their business.

  1. Describe what’s new in their business that addresses fitness industry trends/ fitness business models.
  2. What’s working: (Best Practices) and its effect on member attraction, retention, ancillary revenue and operations.
  3. What’s not working (Lessons Learned)
  4. What are you changing to adapt (What’s next)
  5. Open discussion with the audience.

Greg’s Bio: Greg’s Wild ride!!!

With 28 years at one company, Precor, people would say not having more diversity in experience would make for a dull career.  Well if you want change wait till next year and I’m not bored!!  I joined Precor in 1989 when we had 3 reps for the entire company and total yearly revenue was 15 million with 90% of sales in retail home products.  The average price point was 400.00 per machine.  My how things have changed. I’ve managed our retail dealer partners, commercial dealer partners, sold direct in my own territory and now get to work with 6 sales teammates along with our field marketing and direct customer service department on the west coast. I’m a big believer engaged employee’s make for engaged customers and then happy stock holders.  Empowering your employees and listening to them, giving them the tools to succeed results in achieving goals and hitting targets for your stock holders. Doing this well is a work in progress!!! I’ll let you know how its going!!

Personally I have 3 incredible grandsons (Lou, Harvey, Leo)  that will soon be Camping, Mt Bike riding, Fly Fishing, Paddle boarding and Climbing with Grandpa and Grandma (Baba)

West Coast Regional Business Manager
West Coast Regional Sales Manager Precor
Northwest Key Account Manager Precor USA
Consumer Division National Accounts Sales Manager Precor USA

2 thoughts on “The Creative Destruction of the Fitness Industry

    1. Darrell

      Thank you for the email…..Do not know if there are plans to record the session. Please give Neal Simpson at Fitlife a call and he might be able to make arrangements for recording the session.

      Neal Simpson
      Fitlife Clubs
      (541) 379-2743
      77284 Hwy 37
      PO Box 1284, Pendleton, OR. 97801
      Pendleton, OR 97801

      How else may I be of assistance?

      775 530-7133


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