Petra-1 Towels

By John Mickelson

Were you aware that PetrA-1 is the largest “first run” towel provider for the fitness industry in North America? With more warehouses strategically located throughout North America, we typically can have your towel order delivered within 2-3 days.

PetrA-1 manufacturers their towels in “state of the art” manufacturing facilities which allow us to provide the highest quality towels available at the least possible cost. Compare our prices and let us show you that quality doesn’t mean you have to pay higher prices.

PetrA-1 is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer and distributor of our own linen products. These products include bath, hand and wash towels, bar mops, and various other items. Our owned and operated manufacturing allows us to develop specialized, dedicated linen programs for our customers. Through our various Golden Mills lines which include Classic Terry, Golden Camelot, Golden Jewel, Golden Cam and Golden Touch, we are able to offer products for various uses and budgets. Each line offers a consistent, quality product which is governed by strict quality controls. These products are distributed through our nationwide 2-3-day delivery network and stocked in seven warehouses.

Our manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated with weaving, bleaching, stitching and packaging all under one roof. We utilize various quality cotton and poly cotton yarns to produce our linens on power and shuttle-less looms. Our large production capacity allows for continuous, consistent and diversified production which can meet any customer needs.

Lets us share with you our many towel offerings and allow our towel consultants to help you provide a better membership experience.

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