Petra’s Cleanologist – Shame on you, go back in there and wash your hands!

Hello to All,

I cannot even begin to tell you how many men I have seen leaving restrooms without washing their hands….It really irritates me, especially if it means touching the same door handle. Of course,  I use a paper towel to shield my clean hands from touching their “junk”.

As usual it is the few bad apples that create problems for the rest of us, the old 20/80, 20% (or so) causing 80% of the problem. Oh sure, everyone says “not me”, “I use soap and warm water”. Oh, really? Do you scrub them for a minimum of 20 seconds?Do you wash the backs of them? Between your fingers? Under your nails?

Please please please become an advocate for proper hand washing. Start with your family then co-workers and/or employees and don’t forget about your child’s school. Put up placards in your place of business, hire a sky writer…..okay maybe not the last one. But you get what I mean, I could rattle on and on with all of the depressing statistics of the fall out of improper hand washing, but I won’t.

If washing your hands is not available look around for Petra’s AC 585-F Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer, it is the next best thing and goes a long ways preventing the spread of illness causing germs.

Thanks for reading my rant, I wish all of you a healthy 2018!!

Franz Johnson
Bay City Supply
Walter E. Nelson Company of Northern Washington

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