Ending IHRSA 2019 with Augie’s Bash | Conquering ALS

IHRSA 2019 has come and gone with Augie’s Bash being the final event. This year Augie’s Bash was held in a new venue in the convention center. Close to 2 million dollars was raised and the news of the start of human testing was celebrated. Not only is the goal to eliminate ALS but there is hope the experimental drug will also help treat Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. I partnered-up with several other fitness organizations through “Caritate” my non-profit organization to make sure we did our part to maximize the funding of Augie’s Quest. Its uplifting to be a part of a movement wanting to make a difference in the fight to conquer ALS and provide hope for people that have this horrible illness. Caritate gives me the vehicle to make a difference and give back to others.


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