July 2015

Feeling the pressure of water restrictions?

Reduce water evaporation up to 30% a month with a new product from Sea Klear now available through Ecolab.

In our last edition, we talked about how it was up to us to rise to the challenge of meeting water use reduction goals while maintaining member satisfaction in a cost effective manner. We are rising to that challenge.

Introducing the Revolutionary New Product: Solar Shield!

SolarShieldBottleThis newly released product helps reduce pool water evaporation and heat loss to save you money and reduce water usage. Solar Shield forms an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the surface of the water that is safe for swimmers and is a simple alternative to traditional pool covers.

The long-lasting product can provide protection up to 30 days between doses, saving you time. Solar Shield is also compatible with saline systems, allowing you to apply it wherever you need it most.

A reader with a 45,000 gallon pool could expect to use a gallon of Solar Shield over a 2-3 month period, translating into approximately $50 a month to reduce water loss (usage rates and cost per treatment will vary by pool size).

Contact your Ecolab representative at
1-800 EL CLEAN to order.


Did you know?

PoolThe EPA estimates a 15,000 gallon outdoor pool can lose over 45,000 gallons of water during the course of a year to evaporation?

Readers, we want to help you with water conservation and your day-to-day needs, but we need your feedback. Ask us a question and we will find an industry leader to offer a helpful answer.

Send in your questions here.

Featured Partnership of the Month: FitLife

FitLife fights for independent health club ownership and gathers experts to support their 77 Pacific Northwest clubs by hosting the Fitlife Summer Conference, where you come to learn, grow, share and have fun! Email Neal for registration information to attend the convention.

Neal with FitLifeThis summer marks the 35th annual summer conference. “..we have one of the best line-ups...‘Customer Service, Re-energized! Bill McBride, Eddie Tock, Robert Brewster, Brent Darden and more are also presenting.”- Neal Simpson, Executive Director of the FitLife Club Network, who has dedicated over 30 years to FitLife and 40 years to the industry!

A Testimonial from Neal…

“Thank you Petra and John Mickelson for all you do to support Fitlife. Our member clubs enjoy your prompt attention to detail and great products and service. Looking forward to seeing you at our summer conference and trade show in Bend, Oregon this July. Your sponsorship of Bill McBride is always one [of] the highlights of our conference. John with Petra, I am truly glad I met ya!” – Neal

Petra is sponsoring the one and only Bill McBride for the third year in a row for a reason.

Bill McBride, SpeakerHe’s an amazing speaker who knows what he’s talking about. 

You can get a sneakpeak from Bill in the all new Fitness Business Podcast as he talks purchasing behavior, management criteria, business strategy, and more!

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