August 2015

Welcome to the August Edition of the SoapBox!

Last month we wrapped up our Water Conservation features with exclusive SolarShield SoapBox reader pricing.

This month, it’s all about giving thanks. We’re announcing our Donation Nomination winners for the second quarter AND we’re featuring one of last quarter’s winners: Augie’s Quest.

Augie Nieto of Augies’s Quest Talks the Truth About Living with ALS

When Bill McBride chose Augie’s Quest as his Donation Nomination, he chose wisely. Augie is the real deal, and his story may hit close to home.

“I am often asked, ‘What has it been like living with ALS for ten years?’ To be frank, it’s been f%*#ing nuts.

Living with ALS for a decade has been a tidal wave of emotions and experiences – much too hard to sum up in one blog post, but I’m going to take a stab at it.

Before my diagnosis, I lived the fast life. I would drive my Ferrari down Pacific Coast Highway like greased lightning. My wife, Lynne, says she always knew when I was home because she could hear the sound of the engine revving down the driveway.

Life pumped the breaks, and now, I’m riding around in a wheelchair accessible mini-van. How life changes. Before ALS, things like a Ferrari mattered to me – showing success through material things.” Read More >>

Featured Petra Product of the Month

For the next 5 months, we will be featuring a Petra Soap product here on the SoapBox. This is your opportunity for a virtual demonstration of the latest and greatest products for your fitness/health club’s success.

Wizard IV

Introducing the Wizard IV: Just push the button on the Wizard IV Soap Station and you are ready to start saving with Petra Super Concentrates. The Wizard IV is a wall mounted soap station (similar to a chemical station) and liquids are available in a variety of popular colors and fragrances.

Save time, save space and save money with Petra Super Concentrates and the Wizard IV Soap Station. Learn more >>

Featured Partnership Update: FitLife

FitLife Photo from Tradeshow

The Fitlife Summer Conference was a huge success! Here is a recap of the event from Neal Simpson of  FitLife: “Fitlife is back and moving forward. 5 new clubs joining this year with several more looking. 6 New associate members/vendors who did really well. Lot’s of networking, making new friends and catching up with old friends.” Email Neal

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