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Why I Use Petra Non-Alcoholic Foaming Hand Sanitizer

By William Ryan

I am a 68-year-old retiree, married 43 years with three grandchildren. I am writing to tell my story of how I have found great help and relief with the Petra Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer. The story starts in my twenties when I was still in college. I discovered after moving from an area where there is no poison oak to one ravaged with poison oak brush that I had quite an allergic reaction to the plant. Following one particularly annoying outbreak on my hands I was dismayed to find that a chronic dry rash developed on the back of my hands and between some of my fingers that didn’t go away.  After trying various moisturizing creams, I went to a dermatologist. I was diagnosed with a chronic eczema type rash condition and was prescribed a prescription cortisone cream (before such creams were available over the counter).  Through the years I have mostly managed to keep the intermittent rash in check using a mild cortisone cream. Eventually, these remedies became available over the counter.  I had to make efforts though not to use harsh soap or expose my hands to dishwashing or laundry detergent or other harsh chemicals which were sure to bring back an outbreak.

William Ryan – Avid Petra Supporter

 I managed my condition fairly well for the most part until about eight years ago not long after my retirement from my profession as a mental health counselor. An unfortunate episode occurred where my dog was sprayed by a backyard skunk. In the process of trying to give assistance to my dog and clean her up, my hands were exposed to contact with the skunk oil. The result was catastrophic and the eczema condition on my hands erupted into a cracked and bleeding mess. My doctor and dermatologist prescribed powerful steroid creams which eventually stabilized my condition. However, I was advised to avoid washing my hands with soap and water. As a result, I sought the use of non-alcoholic hand sanitizing products to clean and sanitize my hands. I used one or two with some success but I still had dryness with occasional breakouts. Through my health club, I discovered Petra non-alcoholic foaming hand sanitizer. It proved to be far superior to the other sanitizers I had used, because of its moisturizing and cleansing effects without dryness and lessened the incidence of breakouts. I found one source of Petra for a time and used the Petra product at home regularly with success carrying a small dispenser in my pocket at al times.  I am grateful for this product and happy to report it has solved this problem of hand care and cleanliness for me making my life more comfortable.

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