The Future Workers Are Here

by Will Phillips, the founder of REX Roundtables

Just when you’re getting your hands around millennial generation: how to sell to it; how to market to it; and how to work with millennial employees, here comes generation Z. Gen Z by David and Jonah Stillman looks at workers born between 1995 and 2012. That means the oldest are in their early 20s. You may even have some working for you right now!
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Here is what the Stillmans say you need to know about them:
• Since birth, they have been living with the Internet
• Many got there 1st mobile phones and computers before they were 5 years old
• 91 percent say technical sophistication of the business would affect their decision on where they want to work
• They have a strong DIY approach to learnings. Often building skills on YouTube and Google resources
• Because of their FOMO (fear of missing out), they have a lot in the hopper all the time
• 75 percent of them surveyed say they would like a job which fills multiple roles at the same time
At 1st glance, it may mean that many of the policies, procedures, system and structures that you set up in your business will not be a good fit for generation Z.

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Another note from the future.


Will Phillips, the founder of REX Roundtables, was a consultant to executives in 34 industries and nine countries. His clients included Bank of America, American Airlines, and Dominos Pizza. As he worked with smaller, privately held businesses he found they did not have the resources to invest in serious, developmental, management consulting to improve the performance of their businesses.
This led Will to create his first roundtable in San Diego in 1985. This provided long-term, low-cost, high-impact consulting to groups of 15 clients at a time.REX has developed over 2 dozen special tools and methods to make it round tables highly successful.
The purpose of REX Roundtable is to improve the performance of your business and the quality of your life. Currently, REX has 130 US health club owners and executives involved in nine roundtables with 15 members each.
REX members clubs regularly outperform industry averages in growth, profit, and retention.
Visit the REX website, to learn more about the benefits of REX. And how you can become a member of the most exclusive and high-performing executive development experience in the health club industry.

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