Bill McBride, Brent Darden & Allison Flatley to speak at Club Industry regarding Leadership Mastery

Track Title:  Leadership Mastery

FitLife will lead with the Leadership Mastery Track title at the Club Industry Show in Chicago, IL on October 4-6, 2017.

The Club Industry Show allows you to meet and network with other industry leaders as well as the people behind the products, face-to-face, and have fun with a community of other like-minded professionals on the exhibit hall floor, in educational sessions and at networking events.

Here are the details of the Leadership Mastery track title:


  • Brent Darden –
  • Allison Flatley –
  • Bill McBride –

Agenda / Sessions:

  • Quick Introduction of all the Track Presenters prior to the first session
  • Invitation for any that want to ask additional questions of all 3 presenters to be in the room at the conclusion of the final session. This option will be shared prior to each session. 15 Minutes or so of Presenters “Hanging Out” – Informal not an official panel – “Meet & Greet”.

Track Sessions (5) – 4 at 75 Minutes / 1 (Lunch at 60 Minutes) 

  1. Leadership – “The Direction & Strategy” – (Brent & Bill)
    1. What Is It? It’s not Management!
    2. High Level. Traits & Characteristics.  Personal Leadership.
    3. Leading in the Future – Trends, Fads & Core
  2. Management – “The Operating Plan” (Allison)
    1. Where the “Rubber Meets the Road”
    2. Alignment / Standards
    3. Manager roles & responsibilities
    4. Accountability & Responsibility for Results
    5. The next generation of workforce
  3. People / Performance – “The Secret Sauce” (Brent)
    1. Finding Candidates
    2. Hiring
    3. Training
    4. Accountability to Standards
    5. Performance Management
    6. Incentive Pay, Rewards & Recognition
  4. Sales & Marketing – “The Engine” (Bill)
    1. Brand Position
    2. Sales Design
    3. Marketing Strategy
    4. Sales & Marketing Alignment
    5. Sales Results
  5. Service & Member Experience – “The Product” (Allison & Brent & Bill)
    1. People (Allison)
    2. Product (Bill)
    3. Process (Brent)
  6. Speaker Meet & Greet – Optional – 15-20 Minutes (All)

Bill McBride’s Bio

President & CEO, BMC3 – Bill McBride Consulting, Coaching & Club Management
Co-Founder, President  & Chief Executive Officer, Active Wellness

Bill is a health club industry veteran with over 25 years of experience leading and managing all aspects of commercial health clubs, medical fitness centers, residential, community, multi-tenant and corporate fitness sites.  He co-founded Active Sports Clubs and Active Wellness, LLC and owns a health club consultancy – BMC3. Bill has served as Chairman of the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Board of Directors, President of the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association (MACMA) and served on the Industry Advisory Board for the American Council of Exercise (ACE).  He is actively engaged as an author on industry education, serves on several fitness related technology company Advisory Boards, serves on the Medical Wellness Association (MWA) and Medical Fitness Network (MFN) Advisory Boards.  He is currently also serving on the ACSM Facility Standards & Guidelines 5th Edition Committee.  Bill consults & speaks regularly on industry topics throughout the world.



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