Hurricane Harvey

By John’s Musings

The devastation is of biblical proportion affecting millions of people in the Houston, Corpus Christie and southern/coastal communities of Texas. We have all seen the heart-wrenching images and in our heart, theres a desire to do something. On Sunday morning, IHRSA icon Brent Darden sent me an email sharing with me the text below on how we can do the right thing and make a difference. Fitness facilities in the areas mentioned above need our help! Yes, with Brent leading the charge, we can make a difference.

Besides Brent’s content, we have video of Villa Sport – Cypress & Woodlands facility and the flooding that occurred.

Finally, Dave Cardone from Memorial Athletic Club and his “first hand” account on how hurricane Harvey is effecting our “first liners” at these facilities is another snapshot about the human impact Hurricane Harvey has had.

Please read Brent’s text below. View the video of the flooding at Villa Sport – Cypress & Woodlands and finally, read Dave’s content on the human impact that Hurricane Harvey has had, and join me in making a contribution to the tax deductible “Go Fund Me” account via the link shown below. Surely we can exceed the goal of $50,000.

Thank you to Brent for initiating this forum to give to those that are in need and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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