The Benefits of joining a REX Roundtable

A brief talk with Eddie Tock – REX Roundtables CEO  

Recently, I had an opportunity to discuss the benefits of joining a REX Roundtable when dining with a club manager. The club manager has been in the fitness industry a number of years and runs a facility that is second to none. He has done a fantastic job in keeping membership high, providing an unmatched membership experience and enjoying non-existent turnover. So why should he join REX Roundtable?

The short answer is that most industry events and conferences, in every industry , not just fitness, focus on the operational side of the business only – what REX Roundtables call the 1st Agenda. Most businesses have opportunities & challenges in the 2nd – culture, strategy systems- agenda and 3rd – Leadership Development – agendas that greatly affect their 1st agenda decisions. The attached document explains it in more detail.

REX Roundtables has over 125 club owners and executives from all over the country sharing BEST PRACTICES   – they meet 3x per year for 3 days in a Mastermind group. The idea is that the REX Roundtable “ROI is one of the highest investments” an owner/GM can make!

Based upon my conversations with Eddie Tock (REX Roundtables CEO (914) 643-3207 ) he shared with me the following:

Currently, owners and club executives have the opportunity to join a group of like-minded individuals who want to grow their business. Each meeting they cover the following:

  • Strategy issues for the business to help with blue ocean strategies, growing pains and differentiation;
  • Marketing that helps get more clients;
  • Comparing key business numbers to benchmark best practices;
  • Discovering how to keep members longer;
  • Outside the fitness industry consumer trends that are relevant.

Listen to members talk about REX on

If you have a desire to learn more about REX Roundtable, I encourage you to talk with Eddie as to how you can become involved in the “one of a kind” organization.

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