Teeing it up Fore a Cause

The movement of giving back is alive and well in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

We had the opportunity to meet Curtis Meier from The Midwest Athletic Club at a recent REX event. When doing a REX presentation, we always end by mentioning our non-profit foundation named Caritate.  It is our passion to help fitness facilities throughout North America fund charitable events that give back to the community. We believe it’s all about helping people and making a difference.

After our recent REX presentation, Curtis came to us for help in funding his associated non-profit organization called “Matthew 25”. We are proud to be able to help support “Matthew 25” and give back to the community and help make a difference for those in need.

Please enjoy Curtis’s story of his latest event and feel free to contact us should you have an event that we can participate in.

Shannel & John

Teeing it up Fore a Cause

Presented by The Midwest Athletic Club (The M.A.C.) and iGYM to benefit Matthew 25 

We are proud to say we have been serving Cedar Rapids Iowa and the surrounding communities for over 35 years in health and fitness. As we continue to serve in our community, our main goal is to continue to make a strong impact by donating our time, volunteering staff, and providing free fitness to ones in need.

Both The M.A.C. and iGYM operate as a Christian business. When we heard about Matthew 25 we knew this organization was something we wanted to stand behind and help educate our community as to what they do. In 2008, when Cedar Rapids witnessed the worst flooding of our time, leaving people homeless and businesses destroyed, along came Matthew 25. Helping over 250 families recover quickly and getting them back into their homes. Not only do they rebuild, but have an urban farm where they grow fresh organic food to provide for the ones in need, and help educate youth by being involved in school partnerships and youth programs.

The M.A.C. and iGYM have donated to their “Flood the Run” event over the last few years but this year we decided to take it a step further to see if we can provide more. So we have decided to put together a golf event (Teeing it up Fore a Cause) where all proceeds go to Matthew 25 with a goal of $6,000+. We were just shy of 30 teams signed up, and almost all 18 holes were sponsored. We felt extremely blessed for this kind of turnout our first year.

We could not have done this without all the generous individuals and companies that donated. Companies like Petra who see the good in what other organizations do, didn’t blink an eye and sent us a generous donation of $500 to help with our event and raise more for Matthew 25. Thank you Petra!

We look forward to our continued commitment in Cedar Rapids Iowa and surrounding communities for many years to come. We plan for this golf event to only grow each year and continue to help bring awareness to how Matthew 25 impacts the people in our community. Again, thank you Petra for all that you do!


Curtis Meier

President- iGYMCEO/co-owner- The Midwest Athletic Club (The M.A.C.)

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