Fifth Avenue Fitness Is Making A Difference

I have the best job in the world!  I get to meet amazing people, like Darren from Fifth Avenue Fitness, that wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  “I knew it was creating true change and that it had an end in sight” Darren Kanwischer.  I met Darren about a year ago on one of my many trips to Calgary, AB.  There was something that stood out to me when I walked into their beautiful downtown facility.  Posted at the entrance of their club was a message that $3 of each membership was being donated to a village in Belo, Ethiopia.  It left me wanting to know more about his choice to make a difference, so I asked.  He responded with “The fact that Food for the Hungry has the approach of creating self-sustainability is what I love about it and why I chose to commit our involvement”.  It takes one person to open their heart & mind to make a difference in many peoples lives.  I think you will find Darren’s story touching & inspiring to get involved in something to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

-Shannel Brooks

FBC_MAR09_Facility Profile.jpgFBC_MAR09_Facility Profile-2.jpg

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