Your Friends Are Here

By Ashley at Club Northwest

As we jump into the new year our thoughts often focus on change. We reflect on what we accomplished throughout the year and how we can improve ourselves in the coming year. While we may think we want a better body, a better relationship or a better job, what we really want is to be happy.

Happiness isn’t an overrated concept. When we feel happiness other aspects of our lives align. Our physical health improves, our relationships improve, and every day improves. Wellness is holistic happiness. This happiness in all areas of your life is either shadowed or enlightened by one thing, your perspective. While we may not have control over many things in life, perspective is something we decide for ourselves.

Just like other aspects in our lives we choose to nourish, there are ways to support a positive perspective. Laughter and friendship are at the top of the list.

Besides being downright enjoyable, laughter is beneficial to the cardiovascular system. It reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. It does this by strengthening our blood vessels and mediating our blood pressure long after we have stopped laughing. Chuckling every now and then also supports the release of antibodies, supporting the immune system in its attempt to fight off seasonal illnesses like the common cold.

Nobody makes us laugh like our friends do. Laughter is contagious. When our friends laugh, we laugh. All those friendships you make in Zumba will benefit you long after the dancing’s done. Friendships increase pain tolerance by increasing endorphins, and endorphins, known as “feel-good hormones” do just that. Make you feel good! Supportive friendships are actually linked to increased metabolism and weight loss. This goes to show that friendships are great to have for more reasons than one! Our friends at REX roundtables understand this as well. They know that sharing their wellness with their peers and strengthening those friendships is key to growth in all aspects.

In 2007 “Your Friends Are Here” became the slogan at Club Northwest because it became known as a great spot to meet friends. And it’s only grown truer.  Not only do many long-lasting friendships start here, marriages do too. The importance of love, laughter and friendship isn’t just scientific, it’s tangible. You can feel it and so can we! This is what motivates our staff at the Club. While we know that all goals and aspects of wellness are important, the one that encourages all else to align, is to share in that friendship with those before us.

For the year of 2018, make it your goal to support your perspective with little things, like laughing more and making new friendships. When each day gets brighter and your smile gets wider, you may realize that those things aren’t so little after all.

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