Join Thunderclap to #PassPhit

by Meredith Poppler

What is Thunderclap?
In our digital age, it is hard to be heard and capture people’s attention above all the noise. One person tweeting, calling or emailing can be the same as a person yelling across a full stadium to get the attention of someone on the other side. It is simply drowned out. But when the entire stadium yells the same message at the same time, not only is it heard, but it reverberates for miles. Thunderclap is a digital version of the entire stadium yelling the same message at the same time.

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Petra Towels – Essentials

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.41.17 AM

PetrA-1 is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer and distributor of our own linen products.  These products include bath, hand and wash towels, bar mops, sheets, blankets, aprons and various other items.   Our owned and operated manufacturing allows us to develop specialized, dedicated linen programs for our customers.   Through our various Golden Mills lines which include Classic Terry, Golden Camelot, Golden Jewel, Golden Cam and Golden Touch, we are able to offer products for various uses and budgets.  Each line offers a consistent, quality product which is governed by strict quality controls.    These products are distributed through our nationwide two-day delivery network and stocked in seven warehouses.       Continue reading “Petra Towels – Essentials”

Team Mickelson gets a new member!

Dear Valued Petra-1 Customer,

We are pleased to announce the expansion of Team Mickelson. That’s right, John is getting some support to ensure you are looked after in a prompt and efficient manner.

John will still have an active role in your account but Nancy Anderson will be handling much of your day to day inquiries and requests. Many of you may already know Nancy through her excellent work in the past. We are now making her role as part of Team Mickelson official. Continue reading “Team Mickelson gets a new member!”

John’s April Musings

Dear Soapbox Readers,

What a month this has been! The Superbowl / World Series all rolled up into one event called the IHRSA Convention. At the Petra-1 booth, we were slammed. Then add to the activity list in our attending the IHRSA Foundation mixer, Bill McBride’s reception and finally Augie’ Quest, we were running on fumes when I boarded the airplane on Saturday morning.

Next year the IHRSA Convention is in San Diego, one of my most favorite venues. Looking forward to seeing all of you at this spectacular event.

We have a number of articles in this issue and all of them worthy of your attention. It’s our mission to inform and inspire you to make a difference in those around you. You can make a difference and hopefully after you have reviewed the articles in this April issue, you will write me and let me know is we are motivating you in some small way to make a difference. Continue reading “John’s April Musings”

Supporting PHIT

Legislation That Will Make Physical Activity More Affordable and Accessible

Physical inactivity is the cause of 1 in 10 deaths worldwide. We are in the midst of an inactivity and obesity crisis which is costing billions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare expenditures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 86% of nationwide healthcare costs are used to diagnose and treat chronic diseases. Needless to say, something has to change! Decades of research prove that leading a physically active lifestyle is integral to good health. Simply put, an investment in staying physically active is an investment in staying well. And good health means lower healthcare costs. At a time when Americans are carrying the growing weight of their healthcare costs, they should have greater choice in how their healthcare dollars are spent. While America’s healthcare dilemma is complex and will require many solutions, passing PHIT will make staying physically active an easier and more affordable choice.

“The PHIT Act would make it easier for Americans and their families to prioritize health and wellness – and hopefully save money on future doctor visits.”

– PHIT co-sponsor Senator John Thune (R-SD)

The Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT – H.R.1267 and S.482) will allow Americans to use flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) to pay for health club memberships, fitness equipment, exercise videos, and youth sports leagues. If passed, it will allow individuals to use up to $1,000 per year to cover these expenses and families to use up to $2,000 per year.


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Ride for a Reason with St. Jude & Lifetime Fitness


CHANHASSEN, Minn., March 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — At a time when children of all ages should be celebrating every day of their young lives, the reality is thousands of children nationwide face the uncertain diagnosis of cancer, as well as sky rocketing youth obesity rates making the life expectancy for kids less than those of today’s adults.

In an effort to identify a cure for childhood cancer and improve children’s nutrition, more than 100 Life Time destinations across the country are hosting the second annual Ride for a Reason event to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Life Time Foundation on Saturday, April 22Continue reading “Ride for a Reason with St. Jude & Lifetime Fitness”

Beyond Type 1 Announces Partnership with Medical Fitness Network to Provide New Fitness and Allied Healthcare Provider Resource

An overall wellness plan of healthy living is critical for people with or without diabetes. Physical activity can benefit people, especially with those living with diabetes, in unique ways.

Diabetes and exercise are vital when it comes to managing blood glucose levels and health complications, and regular exercise usually helps improve blood glucose management in people with all types of diabetes.  A growing number of studies show that prediabetes, which can lead to type 2 diabetes, can be prevented or reversed with healthful lifestyle changes, which can also help prevent or reverse “double diabetes” in people with type 1 diabetes who become insulin resistant due to being physically inactive or gaining excess body weight.  Continue reading “Beyond Type 1 Announces Partnership with Medical Fitness Network to Provide New Fitness and Allied Healthcare Provider Resource”

Leadership Lessons

by Bill McBride

Sometimes business feels metaphorically like war.  I say metaphorically because nothing in business compares to the pain, suffering and sacrifice our dedicated soldiers defending our great nation provide.  But strategically and from a leadership perspective, there are so many lessons us civilians can learn from the great military leaders like Retired Secretary of State Colin Powell. 

With strategic “battle” planning, one must take into account:

  1. One’s Army – Team condition and capabilities.  Competency, Readiness, Morale, & Confidence in leadership
  2. The Enemy – Population Inactivity, “Substitutes” to our product offerings, and our Competition (although this makes us better and is not our core threat it is an adversary in talent and member acquisition)
  3. The Geography & Climate – Local, state & federal economic factors, local & federal regulations, weather, workforce talent, population density and consumer demographics
  4. Leadership & Strategy – Leadership & Strategy

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